Department of vascular surgery at Uppsala University and Journal of Internal Medicine invite you to Uppsala, Sweden, to the Uppsala Aortic Summit, 5-6 September 2019.

This lunch-to-lunch meeting will focus on in depth discussions on aortic problems, covering hot and unresolved issues in medical treatment, prevention, endovascular frontiers, and training. The meeting faculty consists of 25 esteemed international leaders in vascular surgery and aortic research. 

The meeting takes place at the historic heart of Uppsala, in the main university building, next to the Uppsala Anatomical Theater and Uppsala Cathedral.

The meeting is planned in conjunction with Professor Martin Björck’s retirement from academic service, and we plan for a Swedish-style dinner party to his honor. 

The symposium is free of charge. 

We welcome you to join us at this first Uppsala Aortic Summit.

Anders Wanhainen & Kevin Mani

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